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Universal Employee Access Cards for POS with Magnetic Swipe

Universal Employee Access Cards for POS with Magnetic Swipe

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Introducing our Universal Magnetic Swipe Employee POS Access Cards, encoded with HiCo Track 2 technology, designed to seamlessly work with a wide range of POS systems.

In this set, you will receive high-quality access cards that offer unparalleled compatibility with multiple POS systems. Whether you're using Aldelo POS, pcAmerica POS CRE/PRE, Soft Touch POS, Aloha POS, Maitre'D POS, or any other popular system, our universal cards will integrate flawlessly, providing a hassle-free experience for your employees.

Crafted from 100% PVC with graphic quality, these cards ensure durability and longevity. Sized to match standard credit cards (CR80) and featuring a thickness of 30 mil, they provide a professional look and feel that will impress both employees and customers.

Our Employee Access Cards feature a high coercivity magnetic stripe for enhanced security and reliability. Each card undergoes a meticulous vision inspection to ensure superior quality, giving you peace of mind knowing that your employees are using top-notch access cards.

With a sleek black and white design, these cards exude professionalism and serve as a distinctive identification for your employees. The HiCo Track 2 encoding guarantees compatibility with a vast array of POS systems, making them a truly universal choice.

Streamline your employee management system with our Universal Magnetic Swipe Employee POS Access Cards. Unlock the benefits of seamless integration with multiple POS systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in your business. Order your set today and provide your employees with access cards that work effortlessly across all your POS systems.

Work with Most POS Systems:
  • Material: Graphic quality 100% PVC
  • Size: standard credit card - CR80
  • Thickness: 30 mil
  • High coercivity magnetic stripe
  • Superior quality
  • Vision inspected
  • Printed Black and white Color
  • Track 2 HiCo

The cards are tested with the following POS system:

  • Aldelo POS
  • pcAmerica POS CRE/PRE
  • Soft Touch POS
  • Aloha POS
  • Maitre'D POS




**If your POS system is not listed on this list before you buy the cards please contact your POS vendor and ask if they use track 2 encoding. We use 9 digits unique encoding for each card.
We use 9 digits unique encoding on these cards.
These Cards are ready to use just log in to your POS System and swipe the card to activate.

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