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Genuine Epson ERC-22B Black Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbon (E65103)

Genuine Epson ERC-22B Black Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbon (E65103)

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Genuine Epson Ribbon Cartridge - Dot Matrix - Black - 1 Pack M-160/180/190G (E65103)

Economical, easy-to-install fabric ribbon is designed for use with Epson dot matrix printers.

The ERC-22B is compatible with Epson M-180, M-180H, M-181, M-182, M0183H, M-185, M-190, M-190G, M-191, M-192, M-192-G and M-195. It also works in Casio 2608t, Casio Ce 250, Casio Pcr 365 P, Epson Erc-40, Nikkam Superfast, Nurit 2060 - Epson, Olivetti Ecr 012, Olivetti Ecr 2450, Olivetti Ol 2908, Olivetti Ol 3408, Olivetti Ol 5700, Royal Alpha 580, Royal Alpha 585 Cx, Royal Alpha 587 Cx, Triumph Adler Cms-430, Casio 108 Sr, Casio 398, Casio Pcr 365 A, Epson Erc-22, Nikkam 3000, Norand 4805, Nurit 2070 - Epson, Olivetti Ecr 2400, Olivetti Ecr 400, Olivetti Ol 3208, Olivetti Ol 5000, Olivetti Ol2608t, Royal Alpha 582, Royal Alpha 587 and Towa Et 3510 N.

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