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Google NFC Tap to Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail

Google NFC Tap to Review Cards for Restaurants & other retail

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Elevate your Online Presence Effortlessly with our Tap Review Card

Are you looking for a seamless way to enhance your online reputation with glowing 5-star reviews? Look no further than our Tap Review Card – the ultimate solution to boost your online presence. With cutting-edge NFC tap technology, this card allows you to effortlessly share your review pages on platforms like Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor directly to any smartphone. Crafted to match the dimensions of a standard credit card, it easily slips into your wallet for convenient access.

Streamlined Customer Reviews in Just Two Clicks!

Here's how it operates: When you sense the satisfaction of a content customer, retrieve your Review Card and kindly request their genuine feedback. By tapping your Review Card to their smartphone, you'll instantly guide them to the review page. The page materializes with star selections, providing them the option to provide additional context or leave a simple star rating.

Limitless Taps

Versatile Linking Options

Our card seamlessly connects to any review page or website, and it's even reprogrammable for your convenience.

No More Subscriptions – One-Time Purchase

Bid farewell to subscription hassles. Our Tap Review Card is a one-time purchase that delivers lasting value.

Compatibility Without Boundaries

No need for additional apps – our card works flawlessly with all smartphone models.

Elevate your online reputation with ease using our innovative Tap Review Card. Join us on and embrace the power of authentic customer feedback.


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